5 Design Trends For Logos in 2022

 Photographic Textures.

5 Design Trends For Logos in 2022

A great feature of new logo design trends has been the use of abstract photographic textures.

What is the benefit of using this in the year ahead? Simply put, Personality. Personality is what sets you apart from your competitors. It says to your clients that you are a serious option for them, that you rise above the herd. Personality is the best way to highlight your individuality, and excellence.

As a demonstration of this, take Franklyn’s logotype for the Cherchez la Femme exhibition. In there, we see a good use of Photographic Textures. How so? It is made up of shades of grass, flowers and smoke in it's photographic makeup. The result? A wonderful example of uniqueness in abstract logo design. 

What Goes Around...

When it comes to previous logo design winners, the saying that 'form is temporary, class is permanent' certainly applies. Think some of the classic logos that you grew up admiring, and you will likely see them again.

Why we would have another serve of previously popular logo designs? Those trusted brands have an air that conveys a sense of royalty, trust and authenticity; and, despite not being as slick as some of the more modern styles, they have proven successful at getting customers' attention, and money...for which reason, we will likely see them again next year.

Geometric Styling

Geometry in design has been something that is not new. However, it is a field that has not yet fully been explored. There is plenty more 'envelope' to push in that matter, and 2022 will likely see more of this explored, and optimised.

This trend has been in evidence for the last 4 years, and 2022 will likely see Geometry being used to peronalise your logos much more in 2022 to add a unique touch to your business.

What are the advantages to more personalisation for your brand? They create a more positive user experience and the air that you are trying to take a serious business to it's optimal limits.

Clean Up With Gif's!

For several years now, the GIF logo or moving logo has become a 'go to' feature logo designs. But, today, it is becoming popular as never before, why? Chaology's logo demonstrates this by presenting a different logo look for different uses.

We believe that, in 2022, you will likely find yourself becoming part of the trend, as realisation, and an industry standard show that this kind of design positively impacts brands in a much better way than regular logo standards of designs.

Line Art, Otherwise Known as Mono Art

The next year will also see the opposite of the moving, or GIF art. Mono Art will be a viable option for logo designers. Why? Well the Mono Art concept offer an alternative, simple design, that stands out from the more vivid moving designs.

Line art logo design is successful because it is a top choice for simple and relaxed design. It is well removed from the more generically styled coloured logo, thereby setting it apart, and achieving a focus all of it's own.


The last year or so have seen unique challenges that have meant that excelling in all areas has become an absolute must. Logo Designers are no different.

You will see from the trends that we have listed above, that many are contrary choices. The one thing that ties them all together is the need for personality, individualism, and excellence. Whichever logo design trend you pursue, make sure that you make your business stand out, whilst showing the strengths that set your business apart.

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5 Design Trends For Logos in 2022

  Photographic Textures. A great feature of new logo design trends has been the use of abstract photographic textures. What is the benefit o...