The Indonesian Minstry of Tourism Recommends 5 Dishes - Can You Name Them?

When more than 30% of tourism revenue comes from dining, you know that it is an important part of the culture. Such is the case in Indonesia.

In spite of this, Indonesian food is not as popular abroad as other Asian delicacies, one example being Thai food. In an effort to change the status quo, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism has set 5 quintessentially Indonesian plates that are now designated as the dishes that best represent the nation.

Arief Yaha – top of the Ministry of Tourism – said that an official choice depended on the Culinary Community Forum Group Discussion (FGD)… so if your favourite meal isn’t here, you know whose fault that is!

Here are the authority top 5 Indonesian food varieties…

The Indonesian Minstry of Tourism Recommends 5 Dishes - Can You Name Them?

1) Soto

A strange decision for number 1? Perhaps not.

This classical soup boasts a wide selection of taste, consistency, thickness, and ingredients that embrace much of what each region of Indonesia has to offer.

And, when it comes to regional variety, nearly every Indonesian district has a specific localingredient that is added to their soto.


2) Rendang

Broadly thought to be CNN’s best dish on the planet in 2017 – Rendang can make the mouth water better than anything else.

This is a wonderful combination of curry and stew, so, this delightfully thick sauce is best accompanied by Beef.


3) Sate

The most outstanding aspect of Sate is that – even with just about any choice of meat you use (or then again if you don’t eat meat, you can use tempe) – there is the ideal sauce to use with it.

Whether you choose to have peanut sauce with ayam – or a kecap manis sprinkled on some kambing – remember to absorb what is left of the sauce with the lontong and combo of Sate sticks.


4) Nasi Goreng

If you want to see whether your local Indonesian restaurant makes the grade, why not order their nasi goreng.

The standard Indonesian food against which all food is compared, fried rice may well be the most eaten dish in the whole of Indonesia… after nasi putih.


5) Gado-Gado

To wrap things up, we present the dish that can persuade the most passionate meat-eater to go vegan.

Gado-Gado is an Indonesian salad that can include a wide selection of different vegetables, yet is just finished with a thick and bountiful nut sauce dressing… as Jamie Oliver clarifies.


So, you now have the three main recommended dishes of Indonesia, but where in Indonesia are the most recommended destinations?

According to the UNWTO(United Nations World Tourism Organisation), travel to Bali, Joglosemar, and Bandung, are highly recommended as the best culinary locations. Let us know your best regional Indonesian dishes and places.