4 Tipping Suggestions For Taxi Drivers

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4 Tipping Suggestions For Taxi Drivers

Listen out for the fare. When your journey is finished, the driver will let you know the amount that you owe. Estimate your potential tip as a percentage of the fare, or simply round up to the nearest 5 or ten pound figure.

Most taxis will have a ticker that adjusts the fare with the journey. This allows you to see just how much your fare is increasing the longer that they journey continues. The great thing about this is that you can guesstimate your tip before the trip is finished, allowing you to exit more quickly. 

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Consider the tip as a fare percentage. Between 10 and 15% of the overall total is usually acceptable. There are a couple of situations where some adjustment might be needed. Firstly, if the total is less than ten pounds, don't give 10% - tipping less than a pound is not likely to be received well. When your bill is more than ten pounds, shoot for a tip in the region of 15%. 

The second consideration is that the amount that you tip will be a reflection of just how good the trip was. 

As an example, friends who went to Bali found an excellent taxi driver who went above and beyond. They wanted to use the same drive each trip, so they tipped heavily. This ensured that the next time that they needed that specific drive, he would likely be available.

So, if the trip is good, tip more. If the trip was not the best, tip enough to avoid problems, but not enough that you are rewarding poor service. 

So, what are some situations where a generous tip might be appropriate? Perhaps you had an extraordinary chat, or they offered you fantastic sightseeing advice, or they went above and beyond to help you arrive  on schedule in spite of a terrible traffic backup.[3] 

Some credit card machines will have preprogrammed tipping rates that take the pressure off you.  In New York, for example, taxis offer three default tip levels: 20%, 25%, and 30%. Go ahead and pick any of these choices, or simply decide your own amount...there are no hard and fast rules.

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Add a few pounds if your driver assists you with your luggage etc. Add one pound per item if you have five things or less. Add 2 pounds per item if you have five or more items that they assist with, or consider the same level if your things are quite heavy. You can, of course, vary the amount according to the specific situation.. 

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Another simple way to determine how much to tip is to round up to even even sum. For instance 17 pounds and 30p could simply be rounded up to twenty pounds. As long as you are in the same ballpark figure of around 15%, you won't need any lengthy calculations.

And, as an incentive to the driver, a twenty pound bill is much easier to store and keep track of, than are lots of coins. If your taxi driver needs change though, you simply can revert to one of the earlier methods that we have discussed.

Remember, try to never tip less than 1 pound. If for instance your fare is 4 pounds, give him 5. Always try to round up so that you are giving more than a pound. And, remember that generally drivers won't want too much coins. So, if your bill is 7 pounds, you could consider rounding up to ten.

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