Window Cleaning Perth Since 1998

Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning Services in Perth WA

When you need a commercial or residential window cleaner in Perth, call Rekommended on 0490808372.

Why should you choose us? We have been operating in the city since 1998, and our mission statement means that we are "committed to excellence, our results are clear."

However, doesn't every Perth window cleaner claim the same thing? Probably, however, we can prove that we are better. We have maintained the same clients for 2 decades, we are known as being superior in courtesy and respect, and, we use cutting edge technology, such as water fed pole systems.

What type of window cleaning services do we provide? We cater for any residential or commercial window cleaning need. We specialize in hard access areas, up to 5 storeys in height. 

When you hire your truly local Perth window cleaning service, you will received the best in service, price, skill and respect. Why would you not choose us?

How can you contact Rekommended Window Cleaning of Perth?

Simply call: 0490808372, or,

visit our window cleaning Perth sister site

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